Voice Volume Meter Pro App

 Voice Volume Meter PRO

The Voice Volume Meter Pro has been developed in consultation with Professional Speech Pathologists and is a simple app designed to help users (Adults or Children) control the volume of their own voice.

Voice Volume Meter Pro

 About "Voice Volume Meter PRO" for iPhone and iPad

You are talking too quietly!

Here the volume of the users voice is too quiet....see how the red liquid is below the designated "Green" area.

All is Good....

When the user uses the correct voice volume the red liquid moves into the "Green" area of the meter, the character gives the "Thumbs Up" and the background turn green!

Getting Too Loud!

...but if the user is speaking too loudly the red liquid moves out of the Green zone, the background turns Red and the character puts its' fingers in its ears..

Adjust the upper and Lower thresholds

...by adjusting both the upper and lower thresholds of the app the user can control the allowed range of an "acceptable" voice volume. This can be as generous or as strict as required.

The "settings screen" allows the user total control over the app

By adjusting adjustments on the settings screen the user can control every aspect of the app to allow for different enviromental conditions

Voice Volume Meter Pro

for the iPhone and iPad

... designed to work on the iPhone and iPad


what our users think...

Charlotte Rupnow - Speech Language Pathologist - Guilford County Schools, North Carolina, U.S.

"I’ve truly enjoyed this whole this experience. It was the first time I’d contacted support for an app and was so pleased with your quick response and genuine interest in my suggestion. The fact that you actually incorporated it into an update is such a bonus…especially for my students.I am beyond thrilled to report that “T” LOVED using her “green” voice this morning! She couldn’t take her eyes off the meter and repeatedly stated “no blue – yes green” as we got further into today’s activity. I hope subsequent sessions yield similar results as this is the third year we’ve been working to get her to use her voice inside.” a few days later….. “”T” is already beginning to generalize using her “green voice” in other school settings. The visual has been critical to her success. “I” is another student that now puts forth much more effort to increase his volume when using the app during therapy sessions"

Nicole - "Easy to use and great graphics!!" - Australia

"Easy to use and great graphics!! Best version I've seen · I work with children with speech difficulties and have found this app incredibly useful to work on voice volume in different settings, and while practising different emotions! The children all respond to the clear graphics and learn to alter their voices. Love being able to adjust all the settings, and the increased sensitivity. Also have to give 5 stars for customer support. Fast response and really interested in valid feedback. Highly recommend this app!"

Speekingeasy - "Simple and Effective" - United States

"This was just what I was looking for. I am a speech pathologist working with a post high student who really struggles monitoring his vocal volume. I love the visual and so easy to use!"

htfgjopitsvhkoo - "We love this app!!!!! "- United States

"My son has autism and if he talks, it is very quiet. We have been working on prosody for years. This app is very motivating. Great tool. Highly recommend it for speech therapist and music therapist...10 stars."

Where can it be used?

  • Classrooms
  • Canteens
  • Libraries
  • Music Rooms
  • Museums 
  • Hospitals 
  • Indoor Play Areas
  • Nurseries
  • Kindergartens 
  • Waiting rooms
  • At Home 

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