Cartoon Timer Pro – A Class Timer with a difference

Cartoon Timer ProCartoon Timer Pro is a fun class countdown timer, which can be used with small or large groups of children. The engaging graphics and sound effects mean tasks get completed in a fun and efficient way.

The teacher sets the target amount of time for the class to perform a particular task. The countdown timer is then started. The idea is that the class try and “catch” as many moles as possible by completing the task as quickly as possible.

Over time the moles disappear by digging into the ground, the rate at which the Moles disappear depends on the time set by the teacher. This can be between 1 minute and 2 hours.

If the class completes the task in the defined amount of time the teacher can tap the “tick” button and a “Well Done” screen is displayed showing how many moles were caught! However, if the class run out of time the “Times Up” sign drops down after the last Mole disappears.

This App encourages students to complete any assigned task, the students can see graphically how much time they have left to complete the task as they are working on it.

The teacher is able to pause, restart and reset the timer at any time. Background music plays as the timer is running, the teacher can enable and disable this by simply tapping the speaker button on the apps main screen.

The Mole digging sound effect can be controlled via the audio controls on the Apple device.
The timer can be viewed from the Apple device itself or displayed on a larger format device such as an interactive board or TV screen using screen mirroring features of the Apple Devices.

This is a simple but fun and engaging app to assist the teacher in their classroom management activities. Users of the app are able to send feedback, make enhancement requests or report any issues from inside the app. Indeed we actively encourage feedback, positive or negative, so we can continue to make the App the best it can be.